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When the world changes, business changes too. Vielfalt’s technology, software, and services work seamlessly together to give your business the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing – whenever it needs doing. We provide SME-centric solutions that are easy to integrate in terms of cost and technical requirements. By implementing solutions that are PROVEN, HIGH PERFORMANCE, and AFFORDABLE, the possibilities for your company are limitless.


With Great Automation Comes Great Productivity

ANTZ RFID solutions work with your business to deliver a first-class experience that gives you peace of mind. You can monitor your stock or asset levels at any location at any time, track where each and every item in your inventory is, and even do stock take in a matter of seconds.

This sets you and your business up to focus on growing, scaling and productivity – without the need to focus on the small details.


ANTZ Inventory Management System


Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Modern Enterprise


Simplr Solutions aims to be a game changer for enterprise mobile solutions, bringing the power of mobile and handheld transactions to the enterprise sphere. Simplr solutions are the pioneers of the industry with powerful features technology that is accessible for everyone. 



Simplr Sales


Simplr Warehouse


Simplr Smart Nodes

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RFID Solutions Providers in Malaysia

Our company, Inchz Vielfalt, is a technology company that aims to supply you with the best, most efficient, sustainable, and proven solutions for your business or personal needs. As such, we are prepared to offer our customers two different ANTZ RFID solutions, which are the ANTZ IMS (Inventory management system) and the ANTZ RAMS (returnable asset management) solutions.

rfid solution providers in malaysia

Technology Solution For Business

Inchz Vielfalt offers the cheapest and most efficient standard RFID solutions on the market. Our ANTZ RFID solutions products are subscription-based and we have them available in monthly payments with a minimum of two months’ subscription. We are the only system integrator, who has implemented RFID Solutions in Malaysia for an unmanned warehouse in Malaysia. Our company has been implementing RFID solutions for the past 8 years, with the aim of being the best RFID solution provider in Malaysia.

ANTZ RFID Solution

We make sure our products go through strict quality control at every stage of operations and are in conformity with international standards. As the best RFID solution providers in Malaysia, our company allows your business to be as efficient as possible, leading to better productivity and insights. Interested in learning more about our products? Get in touch with us through WhatsApp or cs@inchz-vielfalt.com

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