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Often understated, an excellent warehouse management system in Malaysia for those in various industries could mean the difference between standing out amongst the rest. Thus, as one of the leading providers of the RFID warehouse management system in Malaysia, we aim to ensure your warehouse operations such as planning and control are carried out at maximum proficiency. With the use of the revolutionary RFID technology, efficient warehouse management is attainable as it allows for greater accuracy in real-time data as well as a vast reduction in time.

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Your Warehouse Solution

It is our guarantee as your trusted RFID warehouse management system provider to assist all our clients in navigating through key warehouse operations with excellence through this state-of-the-art warehouse management system. As one of the top providers of the RFID warehouse management system in Malaysia, our years in the field have allowed us to gain valuable experience to compete in the market today. As evidence, our expertise has led to us pioneering the only unmanned warehouse in Malaysia. Through the implementation of reliable and advanced RFID solutions, we at Inchz Viefalt were able to introduce an unmanned warehouse that requires little to no labour, which meant our clients would have a reduced labour cost.

Improve Your Inventory Keeping

In addition, we offer subscription-based RFID solutions that include our warehouse management system. What this offers our clients is a relatively cheap RFID solution compared to what the market has to offer. Our more affordable rate is ultimately the most cost-effective option for all our clients seeking an outstanding provider of RFID warehouse management systems in Malaysia.Interested in our excellent services? Feel free to contact us today and set up an appointment for us to assist you with the best RFID warehouse management system Malaysia has to offer.

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