Simplr Sales for Distribution Managment

Simplr Sales truly enables the sales force and makes it more productive, while giving management visibility of the entire sales force and customer base. Empower your field sales force!

Features include:
1. Daily visit plans and market routes.
2. Automatic asset tracking.
3. Market intelligence.
4. Territory management.
5. Product and promotion planning.
6. Workflow and task assignment. 

simplr smart nodes

Simplr Smart Nodes for Distributor Network Management

The complete tracking and distribution solution integrate your distribution network with data capture at every node to optimize resources and provide a macro view of the supply chain.

Feature include:
1. Cross-device compatibility.
2. Live online data synchronization.
3. Dashboard visualization of each node.
4. Flexible targeted communication.
5. Seamless integration with existing ERPs. 


Simplr Warehouse Management Solution

Simplr Warehouse helps improve the efficiency of warehouse personnel at every stage – receiving, picking, storage, loading, delivery – and provides management with real-time control over inventory.

Features include:
1. Product handling strategies.
2. Improve stock accuracy.
3. Optimizing workflow efficiency.
4. Supports each step of supply chain operations.
5. Various reporting capabilities. 

Benefits of having Simplr Solutions

Increased productivity

Scalable and Sustainable Solutions

Simplr Solutions is guaranteed to be able to keep up with the growth of your business.

Live-stock levels

Optimal Supply Chain Management

Simplr Solution allows your business to optimize the processes in the supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Demand Planning

Built-in Intelligence for decision making

Simplr Solutions comes with with built-in intelligence that helps businesses plan strategies, spot market trends, and analyze customer behaviors.

field force visibility

Improve Productivity

Simplr Solutions allows your business to enhance the positions of assets, inventory and employees to increase the productivity of operations.

Cross device usability

Ease of Use

Simplr Solutions is designed with the user in mind, making it simple and easy to use. In addition, user training and live technical support will be here to help.

real time data

Real-time Visibility

Simplr Solutions provides real-time information which is vital for companies to make accurate and important business decisions.

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Distribution inventory management software

Your Distribution & Inventory Needs

Our distribution inventory management software can help you ensure that you have all the information regarding the shipment of your products and the distributed inventory management system will also allow you to track and manage your reusable transport items. With our distribution inventory management software, it allows you to make the best business decisions for your company regarding the shipment of your returnable assets such as pallets, tote boxes, and kegs.

Your Business Solution

With our distributed inventory management system, you and your company will reap many benefits, such as optimal assistant usage, a chain of accountability, a reduced number of errors in tracking and many more benefits. Contact us today to speak with our consultants to find out more about how our distribution software can benefit your company specifically and ensure that all of your returnable assets are tracked accordingly.

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