ANTZ Inventory Management System

Don't work for your inventory, let it work for you. 

In an ever-changing industry, be prepared with systems that are resilient and flexible to help you plan success beyond your next move. ANTZ Inventory Management System allows your business to be as efficient as can be by digitizing your supply chain, enhancing visibility, improving planning, and maximizing asset productivity.

Benefits of ANTZ Inventory Management System


Improved Inventory Visibility

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Improved Inventory Accuracy

real time data

Real-time Data Dashboard

Live-stock levels

Avoid Over and Under Stocking

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Better Productivity and Insights

Demand Planning

Improved Business Decisions

Applications in The Process Flow

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Receiving

During receiving, RFID tags will be attached onto items or palettes which allows for automatic updates to the system throughout the supply chain.

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Put Away
Put Away

During putaway, the item’s location will automatically be initialized by utilizing RFID scanners. ​

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Picking Check
Picking Check

ANTZ ensures that picked items are always accurate to improve stakeholder satisfaction.

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Outbound

ANTZ verifies the contents and location of each delivery to ensure that the correct items will always be delivered to their correct place.

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Transfer

RFID utilization allows for transfers to be made effortlessly with just a scan to instantly update the locations of the items.

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Stock Take
Stock Take

By using RFID, stock take is now 1000% more efficient with scans of up to 4 meters at 100 scans a second. In addition, scanning through most materials is possible with RFID.

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Goods Return
Goods Return

During goods return, just a scan and an input of the reason and all the relevant information will be automatically updated to the database.

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Disposal

When items are expired or defective, ANTZ allows for the removal of these items from the inventory. A handheld scan and reason for disposal is all it takes to update the system.

inchz vielfalt ANTZ SCM attributes_Item Search
Item Search

With scanthrough capabilities, RFID Handhelds tells you the direction and distance of the item which helps you locate items within minutes.

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ANTZ inventory management system

Effective Inventory Management

Speaking of an exemplary radio-frequency identification (RFID) solution provider, we at Inchz Viefalt are proud to be the trailblazers in inventory management system Malaysia. We persistently collaborate with Inchz-IoT Sdn Bhd to offer some of the most up-to-date technologies, all in the name of bringing convenience closer to our clients. In fact, one of our signature services is the ready-to-use ANTZ inventory management system

Why Choose Us

Its best feature? It's definitely the price. Currently, it is one of the most affordable RFID solutions available on the market. To top it all off, you can even get it via monthly instalment with just a minimum of two months' subscription. The ANTZ inventory management system is a testament to our commitment to sustaining the quality of our services. As the only RFID device integrator for an unmanned warehouse in the country, we strive to be the best supplier of inventory management system Malaysia.

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