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Inchz Viefalt Sdn Bhd is wholly committed to using our numerous years of experience in the field to fulfil our role as one of the leading providers of inventory management systems in Malaysia. Being one of the pioneers of the implementation of RFID solutions in Malaysia, the RFID warehouse inventory management system is at the forefront of our inventory management solutions. Across various industries, such as manufacturers, retailers, hospitals and many more, inventory management is an aspect that is key to their business structure.

rfid warehouse inventory management

Simplify Your Process

We greatly understand the significance of this and aim to use our long experience in the market to serve our clients by providing them with RFID solutions to ensure inventory management operations are fulfilled with perfection. With the RFID warehouse inventory management system, our clients are offered a long list of benefits which will ensure all aspects of the inventory management process are dealt with care and precision. This amazing technology, which revolutionised inventory management systems in Malaysia, has been seen to have brought an increase in the visibility of one’s inventory.

Be more Efficient

More visibility would mean more accurate and faster processing of your inventory. Moreover, the RFID technology results in less labour being spent on carrying out inventory management functions. As evidence of this, our efforts in providing RFID solutions have culminated in the introduction of an unmanned warehouse where inventory management is handled by little to no labour. Our cheaper rate compared to the rest of our competitors, accompanied by the use of this advanced RFID technology, assures our clients of a cost-effective option that is not only reliable but of high quality as well.

inventory management system malaysia
inventory management rfid

Inventory Solution

We believe in deploying our expertise in RFID solutions to accommodate all our clients’ inventory management needs. With our knowledge of the strenuous inventory management process working hand-in-hand with this RFID technology, our clients can rest assured that their inventory is safe in our hands. Contact us today and leave all your inventory management hassles behind!

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