ANTZ Returnable Asset Management System

Track & Manage Your Reusable Transport Items

With logistics at forefront of the world’s economy, ensure that your returnable assets remain visible throughout their journey. ANTZ Returnable Asset Management helps businesses ensure that returnable assets such as pallets, tote boxes, and kegs are accurately tracked.

With the knowledge of where the assets are, businesses can make better decisions as to where to allocate assets, have a chain of accountability, and prevent operational losses.

Benefits of ANTZ RAMS


Improved Visibility of Assets

Easy communication

Chain of Accountability

Data Security

Reduced Errors in Tracking

real time data

Lifecycle Monitoring

Increased productivity

Optimal Asset Usage

Applications in The Process Flow

Tag Items

The returnable assets are tagged with an RFID tag or label that allows the system to track the information regarding the asset. 

RFID Readers

RFID readers are placed at strategic positions to capture the movement of the assets. This helps keep a chain of custody throughout operations. 

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Real-time Dashboard

Data is then sent to the server where real-time information can be accessed for business owners to make informed decisions. at business owners fingertips. 

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High Performance with Asset Management System

As one of the premier providers of asset management system Malaysia, we at Inchz Viefalt strive to instigate revolutionary technologies in various business establishments. For nearly a decade, we have offered state-of-the-art solutions for any radio-frequency identification (RFID) implementation for our clients through active collaboration and innovation with our partners.

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Increase Operational Efficiency

One of those products, the ANTZ asset management system, is equipped with impeccable software-as-a-service (SaaS) features for all the provided RFID applications. Furthermore, the ANTZ returnable asset tracking is particularly ideal for large-scale supply supervision. Setting up the ANTZ asset management system has never been easier, thanks to our highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff who have the right amount of technical expertise to cater to all your distinct needs.

The Essence of Inch Vielfalt

As for the ANTZ returnable asset tracking, we include some of the latest software for your convenience. If you discover any defects in our devices, let us know and we will fix them immediately. Additionally, if you come across a broken part in one of our machines, we will replace it with an authentic duplicate part. We have an unlimited supply of them, should you need one at any given moment. Looking for a reliable asset management system Malaysia? Do not worry—Inchz Viefalt is definitely your answer.

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